Easy Ways to Keep Busy While Traveling

By Madelaine

It always happens, everything is planned to a tea, it’s time for an adventure, but there’s that time of silence where you’re in the car, plane, whatever and all you have to do is think. Think about all the things that can go wrong and make yourself dread the whole holiday before it even starts. The best way to avoid that is to plan ahead with stress relieving crafts and hobbies. Other words, if the hands are busy, the brain can’t think.


The truest companion of any traveler. No matter what the genre, always have one with. Hostels and some hotels have lending libraries where you can leave one book and take another. I always like writing where I’m from in the cover, or where I started with the book, letting the book have its own adventures and making it be a secret treasure for someone else trying to escape their overthinking. If you get car sick, reading in moving vehicles, audiobooks are viable options. Forget trying to deal with an Audible subscription, libraries have audiobooks for free. One of my favorite Audiobooks, is actually a BBC Radio 4 telling of Anansi Boy by Author Neil Gaimen. It’s free and a highly enjoyable opening into the audiobook realm. 

Cross stitch:

Armed with a baggy full of string, extra needles, and scissors this easily travable craft can keep the hands busy while still being able to keep up a conversation with your traveling buddy or look out the window and people watch (which is a sport that should be in the Olympics). 


Easy to travel with, with larger needles than cross stitching so they’re harder to lose, any traveler can harness their inner grandma. The rhythm of the needles can be therapeutic and if you’re not like me who can’t knit in a straight line for the life of them, fun.

Coloring books:

They aren’t just for children anymore. Intricate coloring books only require a couple of crayons or colored pencils and the infinite depths of creativity. 


Always keep a deck of cards with you. Whether there is someone to play with or a sole game of solitaire, a deck of cards is a sure way to pass the time. It’s an easy way to make friends at a hostel, or pretend like you’re busy so no one will talk with you. And, as my grandma says, if you’re lost just play solitaire, someone will come along wanting to play with you. 

Whether the mind is thinking too much and needs to be distracted, or boredom is creeping in, these tasks are a sure way to quiet anxiety and keep the mind and hands busy. For more crafts, or templates to help you get started with the ones above visit our Pinterest for ideas. 

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