Late Night Fun: Can Can Wonderland

By Madelaine

After hearing multiple reviews and random stories about friends of friends who had gone to Can Can Wonderland, an art centric minigolf place, where after 9pm, when 21+ admission takes place, you can mini golf in a club setting, I knew I had to take a friend there for her 21st birthday. I have to say, as a person who gets very nervous in loud places and is distracted very easily, I found the mini golf/arcade very overwhelming.

When we first pull up into the tight parking lot (we took an uber there for we planned on drinking), the building wasn’t well marked and looked like a large warehouse. The business at the front entrance is a distillery, which was hopping all on its own. To get into Can Can Wonderland, we had walked into the front entrance, then turn down a long hallway. We kept making jokes that we were going to be kidnapped as we followed the arrows on the floor to the basement of the building where we were then spit out to the front desk.

Since I’m an awkward human being I ended up staring at the front desk worker very confused about what to do as I tried to read the sign about entrance tickets. There were different bundles where we could buy timed tickets and minigolf entrance all in one go. We ended up going for the hour and a half timed tickets, thinking that the time would start as soon as we walked into Can Can Wonderland itself, and the time would be for the arcade AND minigolf, and if we went over time in minigolf we would be kicked out.

IDK why it would make sense that we would be kicked out of the minigolf game for going over, but we did until after wandering around in circles for a solid couple of minutes looking very lost, I worked up the courage to walk up to the minigolf desk. (I have to say Can Can wonderland has an abundance of workers and it’s very easy to find one to ask for help).

The very nice minigolf front desk person explained that our time starts once we swipe on one of the arcade games, since the time of an hour and thirty minutes was for the arcade and how long we were able to play games. We could also “spend” our time by buying beer at the bar which was along the wall in the food area. She also explained that there was a line for minigolf and why the front desk guy got my phone number when we first walked in was because when our minigolf time came around (which would be thirty minutes later) they would text us. Which all worked perfectly since we wanted to eat and get booze.

We were also advised by the very-very helpful worker (honestly she was the only reason we didn’t turn around in circles lost for a lot longer than we did) that we should start our arcade time after our minigolf session since once we swiped our arcade cards the time would start ticking and run out while we were golfing. Taking that advice, which was spot on, we went on with our amazing night.

Structure of the building: Now Can Can Wonderland is structured so there is an arcade along the edges of the large square space, then a minigolf with many art pieces from different local artists in the middle. Along the front wall, behind the front desk is the restaurant and bar. There’s plenty of seating and a stage where there was karaoke going on at the time. On the far back wall on the right side of the minigolf was another stage which had a band going on. The band did make the place a bit loud, especially during minigolf. Can Can Wonderland has an underground art vibe. There were people from little kids to senior citizens. The price was more on the pricey side (The timed tickets and minigolf $35 + food), but for a special occasion it was worth it.

Food: Since we were celebrating a birthday we were settling down for the alcohol as we waited for our minigolf time. I tend to get the munchies while I drink so we also ordered pizza. We had the Margarita pizza ($14) and the 12inch pizza was more than enough for the both of us. The birthday girl had the Modest Mule ($10). It was a good size and very tasty. I decided to go all out and have a Boozy Malt, the Monkey Business ($13). It was a giant bourbon filled peanut butter and banana milkshake that could have been shared by the both of us but I’m here for a good time, not a long time. It was so good and had candy bananas on top of the mountain of whipped cream. We were able to finish the pizza and were half way through our drinks, which mine was in a very heavy glass milkshake cup, when we got the text to head over to the minigolf section. Taking our booze, we headed over to tipsily (my minigolf game was no worse for wear for it) play minigolf.

Minigolf: Thankfully when we got to the minigolf desk they gave us plastic cups to transfer our drinks into. We then chose our appropriate sized clubs, which I took a way too tall of a one for my short stubby body, and we went to the first course. Each course of the 18 hole masterpiece of art was very entertaining. There were holes where the ball went out an elephant’s ass, one where you got to hit the ball with a bat in a baseball pitch, one where you had to hit it through a living room, and much more. 

Each hole is made by local artists. As a person who loves cheesy minigolf places, this met all my expectations in a classy and unique way. Can Can Wonderland thought of every single one of my needs. There was a bathroom to the side of the area that was easy to get to for my small booze filled blatter. Cup holders were at every hole to allow for maximum drinking and golfing experience, and once I was finally done with my drink a trashcan seemed to magically appear.

There was a bit of a traffic jam since the group in front of us was so slow at taking their turn, but when you have booze in hand it’s a lot easier to wait your turn. It’s also super fun to take all the holes in and see the detail put into the artwork that is the interactive courses. We spent more than an hour going through all 18 of the holes.

Arcade: Finishing minigolf, we still had our arcade cards and the hour and a half time frame on them. The games consists of old pinball machines, pacman games, air hockey, skeeball, and basketball. It was hit or miss with the pinball machines if they would work with the cards, but the machines that did work were fun. We only used thirty minutes on the cards before we stopped, but we felt like we had gotten our money’s worth after almost three hours at Can Can Wonderland. If you’re doing both the Arcade and minigolf, I suggest getting the lowest time possible, which will be cheaper, especially if you aren’t going to utilize the beer wall, which is around 10-15 minutes per cup.

Final Thoughts: Can Can Wonderland is a unique way to spend a night out that is sure to be remembered and enjoyed. It can be overwhelming at times if you haven’t been before and don’t know what to expect. It’s slightly like being thrown into a video game without being told the controls. The atmosphere is loud and can be overloading, but I felt like a child in a mystical forbidden fun land. The minigolf is definitely worth it, but the arcade can be a little lackluster, even though I am a sucker for just randomly going around and touching literally everything like my inner 8yrd would have wanted. If you buy the minigolf and arcade card package get the lower time, for the specialty drinks are very delicious. Even if you don’t drink, the minigolf is an entertaining time filled with surprises and fun.

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