Best Apps for Traveling (And How to Use Them)

By Emma

You’ve probably heard of many of these Apps before. For others, maybe not so much. Regardless, as of 2019, here is our list of top recommended apps for traveling, planning traveling, and most importantly, surviving traveling.

Traveling Far Far Away


This is especially great for searching for the best deals on sites. The app can sometimes be a little tricky for actually getting to the booking site, but it really is the quickest way to sift through and find the best deals. One cool feature we particularly like is the ability to see which locations are the cheapest without a specific destination in mind. This tool is best recommended for those who are going to be in one place for a long time with no strict travel itineraries (study abroad students, expats with free weekends, etc.). 


Similar to Skyscanner, we used this one primarily for discovering the best places to stay in advance. The format for this app is very user-friendly too. Other than going directly to each individual hostel or hotel site, the app allows travelers with hostel anxiety the ability to filter by price, ratings, property type, room type, and facilities available (including Wi-Fi, breakfast, AC, reception, bar, luggage storage, security, parking, and more). As travelers, one thing Maddy and I value is the free breakfast (which can double as lunch if you’re sneaky enough) and the luggage storage options.

Not our favorite one per se, but the prices are a lot better than others. We recommend downloading both this one and Hostelworld, using the former to find your dream room and to actually book the place. 


Ok, so you’ve probably heard about this one by now and are either on board or are absolutely not. Personally, I LOVE staying in AirBNBs. You can usually find good locations at excellent deals. If you’re in an AirBNB in which you get to interact with your host, it can be an excellent way to learn more about little-known attractions in the area. If you’re not completely on board with AirBNBs (I guess I can’t blame you), I still recommend downloading the app while planning out your trip. It’s a good way to see what’s available on the dates you’re going to be in town, and what to expect if trying to hunt down an available hostel. 


This one kind of goes without saying. Book directly through if you wish, otherwise it makes an excellent container for endless wishlists. For me, it’s mainly used to find top-rated attractions nearby (and if they’re worth it). Also useful for venting your frustrations when you have a bad hotel/hostel experience. 


Used to calculate the best and quickest ways to get from one destination to another. Sometimes the google maps function fails us when we need it most (side-eye London Underground), but Rome2Rio is always there for us. 


Again, if you’re going to be in one place for a long period of time or just want to live like a local and catch a show, ticketmaster is the (often official) place to be. Maddy and I saw Florence and the Machine in Leeds, England thanks to a last-minute search. 


I cannot recommend getting a local SIM card enough, especially if you’re going to be in-country for an extended period of time. Whatsapp can be used to communicate cheaply with friends and family back home, or with new International pals you meet along the way. 

Road Trip Specific 

Gas Buddy

Uses your location to find the cheapest gas in the area. An invaluable resource. 


If your like most people and don’t have a smart car (can’t relate), this one allows you to mark the location of where you parked, so you never have to get lost again! Ideal for city parking.

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