Drive-In To Your Next Movie

By Madelaine

Going to the theater can be a fun experience as you witness new and old movies on the big screen. But sometimes it can be overwhelming and distracting as people talk over the movie, someone runs to the bathroom every time an emotional scene comes on, and the sound seems to try and blast you into the next theater over. What if that could all be avoided while still seeing the movie you want on a big screen. Well, it can, through the magical experience of drive-in movie theaters. 

In the middle of a field, facing a giant projector, relax in your own car as you watch a movie. Using the radio to gain audio, it’s easy to gain the exact volume you may want for the experience. Whether it’s the dead of winter or the middle of the summer, drive-in theaters can be practical with a full tank of gas. 

For those with audio sensory issues or anxiety about intense or scary movies, drive in theaters can be a great place to combine the comfort and safety of the living room, with the bigness of a movie screen. It does depend on the theater if they show new release movies or older ones, but either way it can be a fun time. 

I always pack my own snacks (I.E. peanut M&Ms) and drinks, especially since no one is going to check through the car for contraband. Once I even brought a full meal. Even though you can bring your own food, many places sell their own concessions as well. 

 Blankets can also be great to hunker in. A lot of drive-in theaters show double features since they usually only show movies on the weekend. They also only can show them at night since they’re outside, causing the movies to go late. Because it’s outside also, make sure to turn off your car lights after parking. Also make sure weather isn’t going to be too bad. I have gone to a movie (Herbie Fully Loaded) when a lightning storm was going on around us. The car shook, but we still watched the movie. If you’re not that into being in a car during a storm though, make sure to check the weather before you go.

Be careful though if you’re going to see a double feature, for you can get parked into your spot and can’t leave until both movies are done. Some places have a double feature night, then a one movie night, so make sure you research what place and night you’re going into before you get there. 

There are a couple of drive-in theaters across the country (I swear half of them are in Ohio), but each drive-in has their own personal time schedules and movie preferences. No matter what they’re showing it can be a unique movie experience and time.

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