Ice Cream Joints to Visit In The Twin Cities

By Madelaine

Sometimes you need a little sweetness in your life. Even though it constantly feels like it’s four below here in our home base in the Twin Cities, it can still be nice to sit in and have a bowl of ice cream. Winter almost makes ice cream taste sweeter since it isn’t completely melting in the heat or making you dehydrated and thirsty. Thankfully, the Twin Cities have a plethora of choice. Here are some of our top picks, some with their gimmicks, but all having a great taste.


If you’re a lover of cereal and ice cream, this will be a treat for you. With a colorful decor that will make you feel like a child again, Treats has a variety of cereal-infused ice cream. I’ve gone to other cereal-themed ice cream shops and always find that it makes the ice cream too sweet for me, but Treats has managed to get the perfect mix of creaminess and sweetness so that neither cereal nor ice cream outshines the other.

Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe

Any flavor you can possibly think of is homemade here at Izzy’s. You will get your money’s worth with their generous scooping. Mix and match, even if you only get one scoop, you will be gifted with a tiny scoop that will sit like a hat on top of your single scoop. The topped off scoop can be any flavor you want allowing you to taste and mix as many flavors as you want.

Wonders Ice Cream

Photo by

This rolled ice cream place will make works of art with ice cream that will make you (almost) not want to eat it. Their waffle cones are nearly as looking as their ice cream. If you want something picture-worthy to make all of your family and friends jealous, Wonders Ice Cream is for you.

The Original Malt Shop

Having been around since 1986, this malt shop gives off an old timey homie feel. When my large malt came to my table having gotten a strawberry and peanut butter malt the first thing I did was take a large sniff of it. I’ve never smelled an ice cream before, but man did this one smell so strong and good. And I can attest that it tasted as good as it smelled.  

Throw on your coat this winter and take a drive, whether it’s hours or a couple minutes, and have yourself some ice cream. It’s always a good time for it, whether it’s old school or has unique flare.

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