Fun Places To Eat- Milwaukee

By Madelaine

Finding a fun place to eat with good food can be the most stressful things in the world. Your traveling party looks at you, waiting for you to suggest a place off of yelp blindly, then when you do it lies on your shoulders if the place is good or not. Well now with this list of Eateries in Milwaukee you can choose one of these five places to eat then completely blame me if it doesn’t work out. So a win win either way. Thankfully Milwaukee is the most diversely gimmicky city I’ve ever seen when it comes to eateries, making all of these choices an interesting experience if anything else. 


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This Restaurant is really the reason I wanted to make this list. All the cheesy gimmicks that I love along with good food. Be transported back in time to when spies ran rampant, and eat inside this safehouse. The entrance to the restaurant is as secret and nondescript as if you are a spy. Tucked in a back alley and with no real sign to distinguish it you’ll have to walk into a room where an intercom will ask you for the password. You may gain the password from the restaurant’s website or the person on the intercom will ask you to do something silly like make monkey noises to let you in. If you ever go when no one talks to you as soon as you walk  in or you wish to skip all that walk up to what looks like a slot machine and pull the lever. The secret door will open and let you in. Your secret mission is to have fun. Everything inside is touchable to play with and explore while you wait for your food, or you can go and explore afterwards as well. If anything else this restaurant knows how to gimmick and I appreciate that in a place. 


If you’re a Harley-Davidson fan you’ll absolutely be in awe of Motor.  Connected to the Harley-Davidson Museum this restaurant continues on the history of motorcycles and decorates accordingly. The burgers and BBQ are amazing giving a feel of a diner you’d step into after a long road trip. Harley memorabilia hangs off of every inch of this restaurant, making it a sight to see.


I am a sucker for German food. Founded in 1902, it’s like stepping back in time inside and out. The real reason to go to this restaurant though is for its giant pretzel with beer cheese. Carbs can be found plenty here, whether it’s in beer, spaetzle, or all the meats you could ever want. The atmosphere is calming for those who want a less bombarding theme than the others on this list, but the food will make it worth it. 

AJ Bombers:

If you’re a lover of burgers this is the choice for you. It isn’t without its gimmick though. On a track above your head will be a little bomb that will drop peanuts from the sky. Looking like an old air hanger, AJ Bombers is a sight to see with food that will make your mouth water. And since you’re in the great state of Wisconsin you’ll never go wrong with getting the cheese curds.

Purple Door Ice Cream:

A good list wouldn’t be complete without some dessert to top it all off. Of course all the restaurants on this list have great dessert menus, but if you want real homemade ice cream, Purple Door Ice Cream is where it’s at. With classic flavors available, and unique ones as well like Cinnamon Roll and Bourbon Praline Pecan all will be satisfied with their choice of flavor.

Even though you may be indecisive like me, all choices on this list will be fun and with great food. You can’t go wrong. Of course there are also tones of other amazing restaurants that are in Milwaukee, but none with as great of gimmicks and fun as these.

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