Fun Eateries in Fredericksburg From A Local

By Madelaine

If you’re a fan of history, specifically the revolutionary war or civil war eras, Fredericksburg is the place to be. But after a long day of driving, hiking, and absorbing the history, it can be nice to relax and eat some good food. If you’re uncertain where to go though, and want it to be as fun as your day of traveling was, don’t worry. I got your back. As a person who has lived in Fredericksburg for about four years now, I’ve tried a lot of restaurants around that area. And with a locals inside look, I can promise all the places on this list will make your mouth water.

The Alpine Chef Restaurant

Set inside an old train station, this German-themed restaurant will have everything you’ve ever desired. After each person in your party has chosen an entree, the famous all-you-can-eat sides will be served in family style. Spaetzle, beets, glazed carrots, and anything else German you can think of will be served. If you’re looking for an appetizer, look no farther for the giant pretzel with it’s beer cheese will be your new favorite thing. Come hungry though, this place is meant for larger parties. Or at the very least, be prepared to have leftovers no matter what.

Paradise Diner

This Greek diner will probably not be on the top of most people’s lists, but their service is always super nice and their gyros are my favorite from anywhere. They will have a large dessert display when you first walk in that will be so tempting to try. I find their dessert hit or miss because of their icing, but their tiramisu is amazing and their desserts always look pretty. You can never go wrong with their fries as well, or really anything else on their menu.

Benny Vitali’s

Photo by Tripadvisor

For Five dollars you can get a pizza slice as big as your head and needs two paper plates to be held. The pizza is always appealing to the senses. The line during the weekend can be a bit long and it can seem impossible to get seating inside, but trust me when I say this pizza is worth it. The novelty of it all is great. If you wish to have pizza back at wherever you’re staying, you can ask for pizza to go, but you will have to pick it up as they don’t offer delivery services. If you don’t like close quarters though, I suggest looking into other options. It is a bit of a tiny space, but the excitement you’ll feel when you receive a pizza three times the size of a normal slice at other places will be immense.

Riverside Center Dinner Theater

If you’re into theater and musicals and wish to plan a bit before you take a trip to Fredericksburg, then Riverside Center will be your favorite spot. Their dinner theater reach through to my cheesy heart every time. They give you plenty of food as the performers you’ll be watching on the stage serve you.  There isn’t a bad seat in the house, but I suggest being about the third tear up. Personally, I hate being on the ground floor for any performance. Just look ahead and make sure seats are available and that they are showing something worth the ticket.

Eileen’s bakery and cafe

Photo by Virginia Is For Lovers

Whether you’re going for lunch, dinner, or just dessert, Eileen’s is a treat to be had. Their salads are always fresh and amazing, and their desserts have flavor upon flavor. The great food is accompanied by the fact that the restaurant is inside an old church that makes your meal feel relaxing and quaint after a long day. Do be warned though, because it’s in an old building there is no air conditioning. In the hot Virginian summers, floor fans can only do some much, so if you can’t stand the heat, maybe get the desserts to go.

Do keep in mind that if you are touring around Virginia in the summer to have a sweater in your bag. Restaurants can go a little crazy with the air conditioning, believing that they can counterbalance the heat outside and will try freezing you out. Fredericksburg can also be tricky on parking, especially on weekends, but there is a parking garage that’s free for the first hour, or there’s a parking lot if you drive past the parking garage towards the river that usually has spots if you can’t find street parking. But overall, you can’t go wrong with any of these restaurants, whether you want a nice sit-in place or a quick dinner downtown.

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