Places to Eat in the Twin Cities

By Madelaine

Between the concerts, plays, and museums that populate the Twin Cities, there are many reasons to come for a visit that isn’t just for the Mall of America. Food is another reason to come, but where to go is always the question, especially if you’re as indecisive as I am. Don’t worry, I’ve bitten the bullet and have tried out the places for you to get you the top picks of unique and delicious places, while you’re also in prime areas to go and explore the cities.

Matt’s Bar

 One of the places who say they originated the Juicy Lucy is Matt’s Bar. A Juicy Lucy is, for those who don’t know, a hamburger with a pocket of cheese inside of it. The cheese can be really hot when you first bite in, but man if you dunk a fry inside it’s the most satisfying thing you could possibly eat. A dive bar that looks like a mob front from the outside will greet you. But inside is a cozy bar with only three options on the menu. A regular burger (which why are you there if you want that), fries, and the infamous Juicy Lucy. No indecisiveness on what to get from the menu, and only downside is you might have to wait a bit for a table. One order of fries by the way can feed three to four people easily, so don’t order more than that. There are plenty of Juicy Lucy spots in the Twin Cities and they are all great, but Matt’s Bar is an experience all on its own. 

The Original Malt Shop

As you might have heard me talk about before, both classic diner food and Malts can be found at The Original Malt shop. You can’t go wrong with any of their milkshakes or their diner food. Plenty of tables to sit at, for most order up front then leave. 

Magic Noodles

Close to both the new United Stadium and the FairGrounds, this cute noodle shop makes all of their noodles fresh behind the bar where you can see into the kitchen. They have savory noodle soups and noodle plates that will make you drool into the assortment of appetizers that you can get. Even though the restaurant is tiny if you have a group larger than four it could be advantageous to call ahead of time to make a reservation. 


If you want no wait time for a table and great Italian food, then here you are. When you first walk in you’ll be met with two lines that you can go into to be served cafeteria style. You can either be in the pizza line or the pasta line. I usually go for the pasta line, but the pizza line will always be shorter if you are on a time crunch. Pick up a tray first. If you want dessert, decide that at the beginning dessert refrigerator, otherwise you will miss it. There is more seating upstairs than downstairs and a patio when the weather is nice. This place is close to the Exxon center, so if you’re going to a concert there or a game, this is where it’ll be easiest to find a place to sit and eat. You will need to pay for garage parking though if you’re going at a busy time. 


If you are craving rotisserie meats and comfort southern food, then in the northern state of Minnesota at Brasa is where you’ll want to go. Even if you are vegetarian, their non meat rice and mac and cheese options will be satisfying. If you don’t like loud restaurants though, then maybe choose a different place, for its small quarters will have you shouting at those around you to talk; But you won’t be disappointed by the food. For those with cars, there is a small parking lot in front of Brasa, but if it’s busy then there you will need to try and find street parking. And if you’re still hungry for something sweet after you’re done eating, Treats, cereal ice cream is just across the street.  

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