Pictured: Wearing glasses to hide that she’s probably blinking.

Name: Madelaine

Age: Twenty-Two

Madelaine is a traveler who gravitates towards the cheesy and weird. She tends to get lost just going down the street, but that’s all apart of the adventure. Always armed with a novel in her backpack, she enjoys exploring where ever she is living at the moment to its fullest.   

Career goals: Writer and hermit up in the mountains.


Pictured: bad photography and severe jet lag

Name: Emma

Age: Twenty-One

About: INTJ. Ravenclaw. Hobbies include finding creative ways to get free food from college admission events, crying about shitty television shows, and listening to Hozier on repeat while dramatically staring out the window. She is currently based in the Twin Cities with her hobbit-sized studio apartment, pet snake, and an overabundance of betta fish.

Career goals: Evil Queen or lighthouse keeper on a remote island.